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Strong Future International


Are you looking to work at home? Do you want to be your own boss? Then take a leap of faith with SFI. This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs you will ever encounter in your life. If you love getting involved with home businesses, then SFI will be a great relief for you. There are so many affiliate programs out there but none compares to SFI. Why? This is because SFI has been in the industry for 19 long years and it does not seem to be collapsing any time soon. Nevertheless, it has touched the lives of many as they have expanded their presence to different countries across the continent. So, it is a friendly website that understands your needs and provides you with a variety of over 90,000 products.

How does SFI work?

For one, as the affiliate to SFI, you can work from home or anywhere else you feel comfortable. It does not require much operation so it is an ideal work from home business. But the query is all about the backend operations that the SFI program automatically runs. SFI functions by offering the users of the website products that they can introduce and market to the people. It is also an E-commerce platform where customers can buy the products and be members of SFI broad community.

First of all, you need to sign up to the website and join the affiliate team. Secondly, you need to refer people to the website. A minimum of five and they also need to refer other people to the website. The process is applied throughout for every person who joins, introducing others to SFI affiliate marketing program.

The four main steps to making money with SFI

Once you are a member of the affiliate program, next comes the main mission. Making money from home with the products you are offered on SFI. There are usually four main techniques that SFI provides services for real internet income. They include:


You need to accumulate Versapoints on your account. The more the points, the more the amount they can be converted to. Versapoints are easily earned ad all you need to do is perform some simple tasks. These tasks are inclusive of signing up on SFI, or liking their website on different social media pages. Versapoints are also earned through one of their websites known as tripleclicks, which I’ll be discussing next. From tripleclicks, you can lure people to buy gift cards, which reflects on your Versapoints accumulation after a purchase.


Tripleclicks is the E-commerce website that SFI uses to sell their products. You will find a wide range of categorized goods and services, which you are meant to sell to potential customers. From all the people whom you have referred to the website, you can try to sell them the products. After a sale is made, then you will earn a commission based on the product you have sold.

The most productive way of making sales is by buying gift cards and giving them to your friends, family and other interested parties. This is where you showcase your marketing skills. From the sales made, it is shared among the company for upkeep, to your referral (i.e. the person who introduced you to SFI) and the remaining is yours to keep.

Network Building

This is the affiliate program where you invite as many people as you can to SFI. When you recruit some and they join, you become their “sponsor”. The new referral in your network will then pay his tribute to you by earning a portion of his commission. What I mean is, when the referral makes a sale, you will also have a share from their pay and your earning will increase. If you are at the top of the chain, then the more you can receive, depending on how many referrals you have.

Extra income streams

This is an opportunity for you to allow other users of SFI, use your marketing website to promote their products. You will be earning from their work as you are letting them use your website make accumulate their own income.



  • It is a home based business, which means you can work from home.
  • Training is offered for free
  • You are provided with products and a website to promote the products at no cost
  • Earn money online free and more
  • It is free to join
  • No experience or expertise required
  • Has modern features, fast and easy-to-use


  • There is not much information provided on how Versapoints actually work. It is shallowly explained.
  • You are required to market the products, so it is not entirely earning money for free and you are working.
  • Your commission is only a percentage of the sales you’ve made


  • Over 90,000 products which you can sell to increase your sales
  • There are no charges required to join and you are not entitles to any fee obligations
  • You can start earning as soon as training is over and earn 24 hours a day for the rest of the year
  • Work at your own pace
  • Enjoy working with an internationally established marketing affiliate program.


SFI is a great internet income opportunity that you cannot just let it pass by. Considering there are plenty of scam jobs out there, SFI promises to offer you with real time products for the rest of your affiliate journey. On top of that, it is a work from home business that lets you enjoy your freedom while making money at your pace.

MAKE MONEY WORKING AT HOME. No gimmicks, no pie in the sky, no bull. Proven, 29-year track record:


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