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How to Make Money at Home

In the last decade, things have changed considerably-no longer do you have to slog and sweat it out, commute long distances to make money—you can do that by just sitting at home and actually have a little bit of fun too in the bargain.
In fact if you love watching videos, it’s the icing on the cake—you get paid to do so. Today, videos are sponsored by brands, who need to spread their image around–every time you watch a company ad on a YouTube like video, a little bit of cash comes into your kitty. Maybe the videos aren’t that entertaining, but still getting paid to watch one is worth your time.
It’s an app-age and everyone around are busy installing apps on their cell phones; but what would you say if you’re paid to install apps on your phone and get paid more to keep them installed? Google and other companies are doing that—apps like Google Screenwise Panel and other apps like Smart Panel and Nielsen Mobile Panel for iPhones when installed on your smartphone will bring in cash or gift cards. You do have to be prepared for an invasion of your privacy as these apps will collect data from your smartphone to enable companies better understand Web and mobile usage.
That’s not all—you can make money at home by just selling your junk mail—you heard right—Market research companies like SBK Center welcome junk mail with open arms and reward you with Visa prepaid cards that are very much like debit cards. You get money for your trash—sounds good.
Online surveys are pretty rewarding—especially if you complete the surveys while watching the TV. Companies such as Ipsos Panel, SendEarnings help you make that extra $50-$100 per month—why say no to that extra bit of cash?
Losing weight is hard and you need to sweat those ungainly pounds off and that’s no motivation to keep it going. What if you’re paid to lose weight? Wouldn’t you try harder and wouldn’t it be easier? Healthy Wage and DietBet help you earn cash if you succeed in losing weight.
Looking for a flexible job that will bring in dollars but doesn’t involve sales? You’re in luck for you can earn up to $25/hour as a transcriptionist. It doesn’t really require any experience, but it does require you to listen repeatedly to bits and pieces so that you can transcribe accurately.
How would you like to turn your grocery receipts into rebates—the Lbotta app gives you a cash rebate on whatever grocery stores you buy. All you have to do is to take a picture of your receipt with your smartphone.

If you’re keen on making an extra $50/Week then the Amazon Mechanical Turk is for you. It offers easy to accomplish tasks that you can complete just from where you are.
So you see how easy it’s to make money sitting at home. You may not mint a fortune but you can surely make those extra dollars with just a little effort.

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