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How to Find Top Paid Survey Sites

There are thousands of online survey sites but 90% of them are bad ones and will either :

  1. Not pay you top dollar for the surveys you complete and will keep most of the money to themselves.
  2. Never pay you because the site you joined is not legitimate.

Also stay away from the overnight riches!!!!

So in order to find the survey site that gives you the money that you truly deserve, you should ask people in big forums because those forums are well established and the members are loyal. Once you have heard from a few people, take the survey site that is the most recommended and do some searching on it via search engines.

Don’t go off searching best online survey sites right from the beginning because chances are the site you will find is in the 90% that i mentioned earlier. In a survey site, you always have to ask yourself the following questions before you join:


1 Is the site well established? Check that by asking in forums and doing some research on your own through search engines.
2 Can I make money by myself? Remember that the referral programs are nice, but it’s important to be able to make money on your own if ever you can’t seem to get referrals.

3 Is the referral program a good one? It is also important to know if the commission you get by referring others to the site is good because it’s not worth referring if you are going to get 5% of your referral.


  • There are numerous people who don’t follow these simple ways of finding the best survey sites and fall into scams everyday. It can be very frustrating at the beginning but it all pays off at the end.
  • Keep yourself informed of as many scam programs and legit ones as much as possible.
  • Try checking if the site gets consistent traffic and find information about their payment plans.
  • Do not jump to start at the first site you see. It is much like shopping. try to browse other sites first then find the best one that suits your needs and expertise.

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